Robert G. Harbour, A native of New London, Connecticut. His many journeys over his lifetime (Baltimore, Southern California, Rhode Island, Delaware, Kentucky and Florida) have enriched his artistic vision.

For the past 30 years he has been part of the commercial Imaging and Printing Industries. In 1996 Mr. Harbour decided to dedicate himself to his only passion, photography, full time. Recently arriving in Miami from the Tampa Bay area, Robert feels he now has a unique opportunity of possibilities in an exciting tropical arena.

Roberts’s photographic skill sets encompass multiple spectrum's from Fine Museum Art, Architecture, Aerial, Interior Design as well as a series of Coffee Table Art Books. His photography has taken him throughout the Southern states, capturing images and sites for numerous Businesses’, Periodicals, Luxury Home Brokers and Builders, Hotel Brokers, Construction Companies and Design Studios.

Give Robert a call at 786-683-8411 and see if he is the perfect fit for your next project. Robert will meet your needs in quality, on time delivery and price.